Adventek FAQ’s

It can be done in 1 - 7 days based on your requirement. 1 hour of audio can take 4 to 9 hours to transcribe based on the quality of audio.
Audio formats can be anything from *WAV to *MP3. We will convert it to the format we require.
Good audio quality is recommended if you want your job to be completed with the least amount of "indistincts". Adventek can clean up your audio in most cases.
Adventek can translate all South african languages, Spanish, Portugese and many more. Refer to our Translations page for more information.
Simple answer, YES WE CAN! The process is not as simple as printing a normal document. The information you send us will first be converted to braille, proof read and then printed. For more info on the process, please contact us.
Adventek offers offsite recordings. This means we can record your Zoom, MS Teams, Skype* and any virtual meeting. We will then transcribe your audio.
Yes we do. Send us your video and we will transcribe it for you.

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