Gaining direct access to the written word is the greatest communication barrier faced by blind people. It is said that at least 80 percent of all knowledge is accessed through the eye. In the case of blindness, the sense of touch has to substitute for vision. Blind people can learn to read and write using their sense of touch, and consequently Braille is the most important medium of communication, study and relaxation.



Braille is the most important medium of communication, study and relaxation. 

Braille is a raised script based on a cell of six dots in which different combinations of dots are used for each letter of the alphabet, for punctuation and for symbols representing whole words or groups of letters – 63 symbols in all. The system was devised in the first half of the 19th century by the French genius schoolboy, Louis Braille who was blind himself, and is used worldwide today to print most languages, music, maths, computer and other scientific codes.

We produce Braille to order only and we strive to meet the reading needs of all our customers. These include learners at every level; workers, professionals and others; the home maker; the hobbyist; the person involved in committee work; and the many, many people who read for pleasure and relaxation.

Braille Printing is produced in all eleven official languages of South Africa.